Saint Berdoodle Puppies

Are you looking for an X-large doodle?  Yes Saint Berdoodles can be very large.  Most range 100lbs to 150lbs.  With less shedding and drooling than their large parent these puppies make cuddling with your big dog more enjoyable.  We love our Saints around here and the drool is something we can live with but the short life expectancy is another matter.  Along with the benefits of less hair, less drool Saint Berdoodles are living longer than their Saint parent. Saint Berdoodles definitely inherited some of that mothering Saint Bernard instinct. If you’ve got kids, this is a great dog, as long as your committed to proper training.
Other benefits of mixing in a poodle with the saint Bernard is the trainability.  Saint Berdoodles are much more eager to please you, along with being quicker to train.  That being said training is a must with these large dogs.  They love to counter surf, are excited to meet new people and love to jump up to say hello.  Some have more of the stubborn saint side, so train early and have a big happy healthy dog that will live a long life with you and your family. .
Saint berdoodles are great companion dogs, travel well, love hiking, most love water or just riding in the car with their big head out the window.   
Most of our puppies will be low shedders.  I can not promise a low/no shed, no drool saint berdoodle.  I will never say a doodle is a hypoallergenic dog, the more poodle percentage in the puppy will make it less likely to cause a reaction, there is never a guarantee.


Saint Berdoodle Puppies

Planned litters & available puppies

This year all of our girls decided May was the month to have babies.  

Expected litters late May 2021

F1 Saint Berdoodles

these will be our largest sized puppies, puppies coats are less predictable and will be more likely to shed. size range is 100lbs-150lbs.

F1b Saint Berdoodles

these puppies will be large, predicted size from 80-110lbs.  We will coat test this litter to help us predict which puppies have more of the poodle genes.  The colors of these puppies will not be your traditional saint.  

F2b Saint Berdoodles

These puppies will be medium sized, predicted size 50-80lbs.  We will coat test this litter to halp us predict which puppies will have more of poodle coat, traditional saint berdoodle coat.  Some of these puppies can be full shedders and the coat test will let us know which ones if any will shed like a traditional saint.  

Puppy Prices  $2500-$3500 

Black n white puppies $2500

All other colors are $3500 

*F2b litter,  $1500 for puppies that have no poodle coat gene and will shed.

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