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planned litters & available puppies

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Saint Berdoodles; 

Large doodles with big personalities who love their people.  Their energy level is more than a saint, which means they are great hiking companions.  


Planned Litters for 2022 F1B, Saint Berdoodles F1 Bernedoodles & Moyen Poodles

Sizes for the 2 doodle litters will range from 50lb-100lbs.

Sizes for Moyen Poodles range 20lb-40lb

We take great pride in raising your future family member.  We are passionate about giving these babies the best start to life.  That starts with choosing only healthy parents.  All parents are DNA tested for genetic diseases. hips have been cleared by our vet.

We feed our dogs a nutritious diet and supplement mama when she is pregnant and nursing.  


We challenge our puppies daily with confident building skills.  Even the smallest skill adds to the puppies overall self-assurance  and makes for a happy & confident dog.  Some challenges are walking on unsteady surface, introduced to new noises, toys with different textures, empty water bottles as toys, playing fireworks & airplane noises.  All puppies are slowly introduced and are never force to do something they don’t want to. We believe that our puppies leave us with lots of confidence that will help them fit into their new families very smoothly. 


Puppies will be introduced to crates, collars, grooming tables, grooming & basic training. All of these are very important to start young. 


We believe imprinting puppies with basic manners is essential. It’s very easy for puppies to learn when you walk up to their cage they need to sit before they go outside, come out for play time or get a treat.  We start to imprint around 4wks old.  By the time puppies leave they know that treats, food, toys, crates all mean sit.  It’s just imprinted on them.  We also start the imprint of “here”.  When food is set down it’s “here” during play time “here” means treats.   Knowing how important “here or come” is we challenge new families to keep up daily training to have the perfect “here”.  I feel of all commands “here” is the most important and can save your dogs life. 


We are breeding for a happier, healthier dog that lives much longer.   If this sounds like what you’re looking for give us a call or message us.  We would love to see if one of these sweet babies is the perfect fit for you. 

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